Network Solutions

LAN Development
We can provide your organization with a picture of your existing computer network and all of its components. We have extensive experience with Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks. We can correctly optimize design, install and optimize your network so that your company’s computers and network is operating smoothly and efficiently. We also have a wide range of remote access expertise including: VPN, dial-up connection, DSL and Broadband access to utilize the Internet as your company’s backbone. We ensure that these connections are secured, as well as your computer network.

Technical Support
We provide regular and consistent network support on a part or full-time basis. Let us handle all of your computer network needs.

Service Contracts
Do you have a need for someone to be at your location on a regularly scheduled basis?
You have the option of buying a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual Service Contract for the time you need. Service contracts are the most cost efficient for regularly scheduled, weekly or monthly maintenance and in the event of an emergency allow your service calls to go ahead of any non-contracted call. Our rates are calculated on an hourly basis billed to you in half hour increments and are lower than larger consulting firms. We offer great response times and top quality service.

Computer Training
Through our partnerships we are able to offer a one on one or group training sessions in Microsoft® Office Products: MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Access, and MS Publisher. For first time users we also provide a beginners course on using computers. So give us a call and let us schedule you today.

Upgrades and Repair
Call us when you need us. We will be on-site ASAP to assist you with upgrades, diagnosis problems and to repair. This is all done at rates that are charged by the half hour. We provide low rates and quality service. We are able to upgrade your hard drive without you losing any of your data. We can help you make your computer newer, faster, and the envy of your friends and co-workers.

DSL & Home Networking
Do you need your computers at home or at your office to share information? We can make that happen. All of your computers can share one broadband connection such as a cable modem or DSL, you can share files from a server or simply between computers, and families can interact by playing games together. We can even setup your network so there are no additional cables cluttering up your home or office. Networking does not need to be difficult or expensive, let us show you how this can be done easily and cost effectively.